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oliver hatched 1 year ago today! ! happy 1st birthday bird bab : D


kamina was Rebecca’s waifu

Carly: time heals all wounds
Becca: shut the fuck up


My Anubis for yesterday’s Sketch Dailies :)

this is carly i am here to say that rebecca watched ttgl episode eight and she is dead because of the animes

We’re watching the entirety of tengan Toppa Gurren Laggan in one night that’s 10 hours of robots are you ready


Princess of norrisville


I thought of making me some new pokesona out of the old autumn shaymin I made last year and doing a chubby zynit form in yellow /redish so it fits my name.

bonus it can fly haha

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seas-of-stars replied to your post: wip i guess? ? ? ?&nbsp…

yoooo I really like this *A* was it for anything in particular?

NO it was just random lady … sponatious lady draws yes