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cartoon network, birds, pretty cloud pictures


Life finds a way.

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im outraged i didnt know who graham is until now

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I’m an INFP!

(sorry its a lot but i found it REALLY COOL)

im nto tagging anyone but DO IT CUS ITS SUPER FUN


Nintendo Comic Peach > Any other Peach.

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knife skills class : no

doodles : yes


"You going to share that?"


Really need to figure out how to fix up my light box.. Lighting has been really off as of late and it’s getting a bit frustrating when half the photos cannot be used due to being blurry.. Anyways have some more geckos. Love it when they smile for the camera.. <3

Also I adore the speckling on my new super snow eclipse girls tail.~

i asked my mom if it would be ok to have a dude friernd over even tho no one else will b home and the conversation ended with her saying ‘teenagers are walking raging hormones’ so